At Last!

A caboose hop with 5 U25Bs and 2 bay window cabooses heads west at Natick, MA in April 1966. Since the B&A never originating may westbound freights over the weekend, Sunday light power and caboose moves were routine on the B&A until the early CSX years. Don Haskel photo, used with permission.

As if on cue to get me fired up about working on my layout, Tangent has just released a beautiful model of NYC’s Lot 782 and 827 bay window cabooses. These lots plus other similar cars represented the bulk of cabooses used in through freight service on the NYC. This has been a gaping hole in my roster, as I have taken forever to build the one Wright Trak resin kit in my possession. I have been holding off on buying any more of these or stand-ins from Walthers, Bachmann or Athearn hoping someone would eventually do these in plastic. Place your orders now these are going to go fast!

6 thoughts on “At Last!”

  1. Having grown up during the 60’s in NYC country, these were ubiquitous and my childhood vision of a standard caboose. I have to admit that I never knew until reading the Rapido blurb that these were built as early as 1949. I always assumed they were a “60’s thing”. Live and learn… Glad to see a nice model of them coming out.


      1. Cleveland. Used to visit Collinwood yards with my dad pretty much weekly in the summer, after the farmers market. Meant Tangent, not Rapido…

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    1. Those are going to be a big upgrade over the old Stewart tooling, but the cost to replace the 8 I have would be about $2500. I think I’m going to sit those out.


      1. Understandable, as you need 8 of them. Fortunately I only need 2 Rock Island units, one early with the 1-piece windshield and flat nose, one late with the 2-piece windshield and sloped nose. But they have to get the high-low door latches right, otherwise I’ll stick with my Stewart/Riverossi hybrids.


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